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Legal Center

Overview of Services

In support of the statutory duties of the Justice Academy, the Legal Center:
  1. Provides a series of advanced and specialized courses on the 4th, 5th and 6th Amendment as well as a variety of legal topic areas such as Juvenile Law, K-9 Legal Issues, Employment Law and Domestic Violence. Classes are also provided in areas of Civil Liability for Law Enforcement Officers, Detention Officers and Telecommunicators. These classes are listed on the Academy’s website and in ACADIS;
  2. Provides assistance by answering general questions from law enforcement officers through telephone or email inquiries. While the answers are not to be considered opinions of the Attorney General’s Office, they are useful to officers just as though they were being posed in the classroom environment;
  3. Provides a variety of training materials, such as Use of Force handouts, Consular notification cards, and the Attorney General’s model pursuit policy to Law Enforcement, detention officers, telecommunicators and their agencies. Requests for training materials can be made through telephone and email inquiries.