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YOGA for First Responders

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Who Should Attend:

Yoga for First Responders (YFFR) provides vital emotional wellness and mental-resiliency training to support tactical performance and decision-making skills on the job as well as a thriving personal life.


Attendees should be Law Enforcement personnel who wish to add a new tool to their toolbox for mental resiliency, tactical performance, and self-regulation of the nervous system.

Course Goal:

To shift resiliency training from “conceptual” to “tactical and practical”. Trainees will leave this training with a new skill set for enhancing performance on the job as well as balancing the nervous system for effective recovery. 
Course Details
YOGA Flyer

Course Objectives:

Through the course of the 3 days, attendees will be able to define and identify secondary trauma and risk factors; describe the mind-body connection to secondary trauma in work and life; access a variety of assessment tools and practices, reflect upon and develop coping skills to build resiliency for self and peer support.
The yoga portion will introduce trainees to the original intent of yoga, the neurological benefits of yoga, and the scientific research that backs it up. Trainees will learn Tactical Breath Work exercises, Physical Drills, and Neurological Reset techniques that make up the Yoga For First Responders protocol. These techniques can then be adopted to on the job skills for optimizing performance, self deescalation, and emotional transitions on and off the job. These skills will be put into practice during the training on the firing range as well as with specific exercises for releasing physical connective tissue and neurological stress.


Lecture, Yoga, Firearms Training

Course Requirements:

PT clothes for yoga, Clothes for firing range, Duty belt and gun.

Dual Registration & Fee:

  1. Visit to register and pay $295.00 fee:
  2. Also, register on our North Carolina Justice Academy Training Portal. After signing in to the portal, you can view ALL available classes. If you don’t have a portal account, instructions for creating one are located here.



Course Coordinator:

Josh Phillips

Length of Course:

24 hours

Fee: $295.00

Directions to Salemburg & Edneyville