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First Line Supervision for Detention Supervisors

This five day course is for new detention supervisors who have not received formal supervisory training. It will provide knowledge and skills required to effectively supervise personnel in a detention facility. The course is available in March in Salemburg and in April in Edneyville.

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Tactical Leadership: Critical Lessons Learned

This course is designed for both tactically and non-tactically trained law enforcement officers aspiring to develop their leadership skills in the initial moments of an evolving incident as well as the management of a scene that has escalated into a Critical Incident (CI). It introduces younger officers to basic crisis management skills and serves as a refresher of accepted CI procedures for more experienced officers. It is offered in Salemburg and Edneyville.

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2018 In-Service Training Available Online

These are the courses for 2018 in-service that are currently available: 2018 Strategies to Improve Law Enforcement Interactions and Relationships With Minority Youth, 2018 Equality in Policing, Law Enforcement Intelligence Update, Detention Intelligence Update, Equality in Detention Practices, Equality in Policing(Tele) and Law Enforcement Intelligence Update (Tele). Also, the "2018 General Instructor Update: Criminal Justice Instructional Leadership" is available online.

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40 Hour Tactics

This five day course will be conducted by Norse Tactical, a well respected and trusted tactical training vendor with real world experience in military and L/E operations. Norse will discuss, introduce and demonstrate advanced techniques that will improve a student’s capability and enable them to effectively and efficiently clear multiple structure types in critical situations. The course will present the most up to date and effective methods of clearance in tactical skills and methods.

Welcome to the North Carolina Justice Academy website.  We hope you find it useful in providing information regarding the academy and the services we provide.  The Academy's staff trains thousands of criminal justice personnel throughout the state. Numerous state and local agencies make use of the campus facilities, instructional services, and its professional staff for criminal justice training.
The academy operates two campuses located in Salemburg and Edneyville, NC in order to serve the training needs of North Carolina’s criminal justice agencies. Please refer to our maps for driving directions, and the lower portion of the screen for contact information.  Once you arrive on campus, please use these campus maps to find your way around our campuses. We hope you enjoy your training experience at the NC Justice Academy! 

Trevor Allen 
Director, NC Justice Academy

An Internationally Accredited Law Enforcement Training Agency