North Carolina Justice Academy

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Child Death Investigations




May 5-6, 2015 Edneyville
May 12-13, 2015 - New date Salemburg
June 16-17, 2015 Raleigh
August 4-5, 2015 Salemburg
September 15-16, 2015 Edneyville
October 20-21, 2015 Raleigh

Who Should Attend:

Law enforcement officers, investigators, attorneys, medicolegal investigators, crime scene technicians, fire/ rescue and emergency management personnel, and other agency personnel involved in the response to or investigation of child deaths.

Course Goals:

To provide the participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively participate in and/or conduct a thorough child death investigation to include: causes of death, collaborative working relationships, and scene investigations.

Course Objectives:

The student will be able to:
 - Classify the different causes of death for children and identify the extent of investigation warranted for each.

 - Identify and interpret injuries in child abuse homicides.
 - Identify agencies involved in investigating child deaths and their respective roles.
 - Explain the process for conducting a complete scene investigation for a child death.


This course employs lectures, case examinations, and practical exercises.

Course Requirements:

Attendance is required at all class sessions.


You must register for classes at either campus using the NC Justice Academy Training Portal at or by completing this application form  and sending to the appropriate campus. The address/fax number is on the application.


Course Coordinator:

Russell Strickland

Course Instructor:

Lisa Mayhew


Length of Course:

Two days - 16 hours

Other Available Courses:

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 CICP Accredited Course

LIMIT 4 students per department