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The DNA Database Act of 2010

DNA Arrestee Collection Procedures

Contact Person:

Zach Kallenbach, Forensic Scientist Manager


Phone: 919-582-8763

Effective February 1, 2011

The material provided on this page was presented at the 15 training sessions offered by the NCSBI and NCJA during the months of December 2010 and January 2011 . You will find links attached to the powerpoint presentation and lesson plan given at the training sessions. Please feel free to copy and distribute these materials for training purposes within your agency.

During the weeks of January 17 and January 24, 2011, whether someone from your agency attended the training sessions or not, your agency will receive a box of DNA collection kits as well as information that will assist you in performing the DNA collection on arrestees and convicted offenders. As a reminder, DNA should be collected using these cheek cell collection kits on those arrestees which qualify according to the DNA Database Act of 2010 beginning February 1, 2011. The collection method for Convicted Offenders also changes from blood to cheek cell collection on February 1, 2011.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and support.

If you have any questions concerning arrestee collection, kits, or information below (lesson plan, PowerPoint, etc.), please contact the person listed at the top of the page.

Lesson plan

PowerPoint presentation

Supplemental Information:
Examples: The Correct and Incorrect Methods of Collection
Arrestee DNA Collection Frequently Asked Questions