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CJ Education and Training Committee


We are glad you have chosen to follow and read the minutes of the Education and Training Committee meetings. Our committee has an important role within the structure of the Commission. As stated in the Commission by-laws, the purpose of the committee is to "be responsible for the establishment of entry level and specialized training programs for the improvement of criminal justice personnel which result in the establishment of new and revised standards."

The by-laws further define the duties of the Education and Training Committee:

(a) to promote the development, delivery, and revision of basic training programs, instructor training programs and other training programs deemed necessary and appropriate by the Commission;

(b) to develop and maintain an effective working relationship with the Department of Justice in the provision of staff and other services to the Commission;

(c) to research and evaluate curriculum and delivery methods in the field of criminal justice education and training;

(d) to conduct research into the provisions for affiliation with the criminal justice education and training system as outlined by NCGS 17C-8; and

(e) to participate in the system planning process.


The Committee utilizes several integral policies to guide its’ work: a Curriculum Development Policy, a Policy on Addition/Deletion of Speed Measuring Instruments to the North Carolina Approved Speed Measuring Instrument List, a Curriculum Revision Policy and an Accreditation Policy. These policies ensure that Commission-mandated training will be revised and kept up-to-date after its’ initial development.

Our committee is composed of many hardworking, dedicated members who take seriously the importance of developing job-appropriate skills for criminal justice professionals in our State. It is my pleasure to chair this committee. Our current members include:

Ms. Robin Pendergraft, Committee Chair
Representing the Attorney General of the State of North Carolina - Ex Officio Member
Mr. Nathan Mizel
Representing the NC Law Enforcement Training Officers' Association
Dr. Robert Ruth
Representing the N.C. Criminal Justice Association
Mr. Lee Farnsworth
Representing the NC Law Enforcement Officers' Association
Ms. Tracy McPherson
Representing the President of the North Carolina Community College System
Mr. Gregory Baker
Representing the Secretary of Department of Public Safety – Ex Officio Member
Mr. Steve Johnson
Appointment by the General Assembly
Chief Harold E. Medlock, Jr.
Fayetteville Police Department
Representing the N.C. Police Executives Association
Mr. Ricky Parks
Appointment by the General Assembly 
Mr. Charles Walston
Appointment by the Governor 

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