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Investigation Center

The complexities and dynamics of the investigative process are evolving more than any other element of the criminal justice system. From the collection of evidence, missing and murdered children, DNA, and computer crime to the basics of the investigative process, the necessity for highly trained investigators is paramount.

Our offerings of related courses range from the most basic - how to think like an investigator - to the most advanced. We long ago recognized that to provide the most advanced training, every instructor could not teach everything. Within the Investigations Center, each instructor has a specialized area of responsibility. They are tasked with ensuring that the training that they deliver in that area is the most current. The upside to this concept is that participants in the training are provided with the very latest information. The down side is that waiting list for courses is an ever-present reality. Toward that end, the center's program assistants constantly monitor course enrollments and move to fill course cancelations from the waiting lists. Their direct, working contact with the local agency personnel responsible for sending investigators to training is one of the center's strongest assets.

The center also utilizes a cadre of adjunct instructors who bring their own investigative specialties into the program. Our partnership efforts with local, state, federal, private companies and national associations ensure a broad-based delivery system designed to save North Carolina law enforcement agencies the expensive costs of national travel for training.

Our unique technical assistance service allows us to assist investigators directly when requested by the agency. An additional benefit from our technical assistance efforts is that it allows us to become actively involved, ensuring that our instruction bridges the ideal of the classroom environment with the reality of the field.

Lastly, our Criminal Investigator Certificate Program allows law enforcement administrators to select the training courses most suitable for their particular departmental needs. There are approximately 348 investigators currently in the program. The program has graduated over 495 investigators.