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Courses Offered by NCJA

The North Carolina Justice Academy's staff trains thousands of criminal justice personnel throughout the state. Numerous state and local agencies make use of the campus facilities, instructional services, and its professional staff for criminal justice training. 

There are several ways to check out our course offerings and register for courses:
Our new "North Carolina Justice Academy Training Portal" - You can now register for ALL of our classes at the "North Carolina Justice Academy Training Portal." Just click on the User Guide that applies to you:

2. The Training Calendar, which is published twice a year, contains a description of courses as well as the time, date, place and course coordinator.
3. This is a listing of all NCJA courses by month and Alphabetically - including new ones since the training calendar was published. By clicking on the courses, you can get a detailed description of the course, contact the instructor, and/or register for the class.
4. If you choose not to register online, click here for the: registration form and send to the campus you will be attending.
5. Remember we also offer online classes. For complete details visit our Online Training page.You can take these NCJA courses anytime and anyplace. 

6. We list outside agency courses and conferences here.