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Tactical Medical Operator I

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Who Should Attend:

This course is exclusively designed for emergency medical providers supporting tactical law enforcement operations; or emergency medical providers assigned to tactical law enforcement operations, such as Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) or Special Response Team (SRT).

Course Goal:

To provide the emergency medical provider already engaged in or entering a career providing tactical emergency medical operations in the support role or operator role, for tactical law enforcement operations.

Course Objectives:

The student will be able to:
  • Execute casualty care management in urban tactical environments, rural tactical environments, and waterborne tactical environments.
  • Execute basic firearms safety techniques (pistol and carbine).
  • Demonstrate basic and advanced airway
  • management techniques.
  • Understand the aspects of ballistic wounding and penetrating trauma conducive of the tactical environment.
  • Understand operations/command and control (C2).
  • Understand and demonstrate medical force protection.
  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the Medical Operator.
  • Execute the use of load-out and equipment considerations.
  • Conduct mission development/Threat Assessment.
  • Understand and execute Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) guidelines.


This course employs lecture, discussion, demonstrations, practical exercises and field training exercises.

Course Requirements:

Attendance is required at all class sessions. Students will be expected to successfully complete all of the practical exercises.

Special Concerns:

This course will be delivered by Tactical Element, Inc. Cost for the course is $768.00 per student.
Prospective students must register and make arrangements for payment to Tactical Element, Inc., at 336-945-2289 or at
In addition, students will need to complete an NCJA application and submit same to the Registrar.
Class begins on Sunday at 6:00 p.m. for the orientation, and other instructional blocks. There will be day operations, low-light operations, and night operations.
Students must bring with them (materials required): medical packs, flashlight, tactical clothing, gas masks, rain gear, fitness clothing, eye protection, and a rimmed cap.


Fee: $768.00

Applications to complete:

Prospective students must register and make arrangements and payment to:

  • DC Heath
    Tactical Element, Inc.
    380-H Knollwood St., Suite 140
    Winston-Salem, NC 27103



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Course Coordinator:

Richard White

Length of Course:

48 hours - 5 days