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Recognizing Insurance Fraud

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Who Should Attend:

Investigators and patrol officers who conduct investigations related to financial impropriety that includes insurance fraud.

Course Goal:

To provide law enforcement personnel with the skills and knowledge to recognize and identify fraudulent schemes in staged accidents and other fraudulent insurance claims.  In addition, the course will provide information as to what industry resources are available to law enforcement to assist in such an investigation and provide a detailed explanation regarding the parallel civil investigation conducted by the insurance company.

Course Objectives:

The student will be able to:
♦ Identify fraudulent schemes and recognize indicators of stage accidents.
♦ Identify how insurance fraud is a crime and what laws are applicable.
♦ Understand the difference between a 1st party claim and a 3rd party claim and its relevance to the investigative process.
♦ Identify other types of insurance claims which may contain fraudulent activity.
♦ Identify the resources available to the investigator in North Carolina both in state and nationally.
♦ Explain the value and importance of an Examination Under Oath (EUO) to the criminal investigation. 


This course utilizes lecture, evening reading assignments, and practical exercise.

Course Requirements:

Attendance is required at all sessions. This is a vendor course with a per student fee of $5 per student payable to Baucom, Clayton, Benton, Morgan & Wood PA. Invoices will be distributed at the beginning of class and said fee will be accepted at the beginning of class.  It is designed to cover the gas mileage for the self-employed instructor.


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Course Coordinator:

 Doug Robinson


Nancy Johnson,

Senior Special Investigator; 

Kemper Services Group
 (41+ years’ experience)

Fred Sadtler,

Senior Special Agent;
National Insurance Crime Bureau

(35+ years’ experience)

Jim Wood,

Legal Counsel; North Carolina Insurance Crime Information Exchange
(35+ years’ experience)

Chet Effler,
Western District Supervisor; North Carolina Department of Insurance
(20+ years’ experience)
Patty Reynolds
Special Investigator
Alfa Alliance Insurance
(33 + years’ experience)

Length of Course:

 Two days (16 hours)

 CICP Credit