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Patrol Rifle Operator Course

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Who Should Attend:

This course is designed for agencies that issue patrol rifles to first responder units.

Course Goal:

This three-day course is designed to cover all aspects of the patrol rifle for the operator. This course is open to any Semi or Full-Automatic patrol rifle, typically in the AR15/M4 style. 

Course Objectives:

This course covers the fundamental employment and maintenance of patrol rifles, involving lecture, demonstrations, and drills in order to provide rapid skill development.  Emphasis is given to training the operator on how to get the best out of their weapons system, both on the firing line and operationally. The course will raise the competence level of a new shooter by clear and concise teaching methods. 


Lecture, demonstrations, and drills

Course Requirements:

Weapon: Patrol Rifle (AR15/M4 Style), 1700 rounds of rifle ammunition, 800 rounds of handgun ammunition, weapon, handgun & holster, eye and hearing protection, billed cap, seasonal outdoor clothing for range drills, and note-taking materials. 

Registration & Fee:

Register with Haley Strategic and the NCJA.

Fee: $600.00. All payments are to be made to Haley Strategic. For more information go to the website at:  

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Course Coordinator:

Chad Thompson

Length of Course:

Three days (24 hours)