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NC Justice Academy Highlights!

The NC Justice Academy is dedicated to the ideal of lifelong learning for criminal justice and related professionals in NC. This video gives just a highlight of some of the learning that can be experienced at our campuses and at other venues throughout the state. Through research, education and training we want to do our part in creating the finest criminal justice professionals in the nation to serve the citizens of NC. Please click on "more" and to visit the webpage for the video link.

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Community Policing Before the Crisis

This 4 hour course increases the awareness of one's own micro-aggressions in everyday life. It improves police-community relations by teaching ways to develop authentic relationships between the police and the community. This is a vendor course for which the following fees apply: The fee is $100 for one person. Two-person teams pay $150 total; three-person teams pay $225 total. It is offered July 25 in Salemburg.

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In-Service Training Online

We have all the 2017 in-service topics for law enforcement officers (not including Firearms, which won’t be online) available. We will be adding more in-service topics for detention officers and telecommunicators. Also, the "2017 General Instructor Update: Developing Facilitation Skills" is available online. You must have a portal account, and log into the portal to see the available online training. Please click on "more" for directions to the portal and a list of available classes.

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Regional SWAT In-Service Training

This course is designed for active tactical teams that want the opportunity to receive in-service training by participating in a series of workshops to test their decision-making, shooting skills, tactical skills and their ability to function as a team. The workshops will focus on a variety of tactical issues encountered by specialty units in the SWAT world. This course is co-sponsored by the North Carolina Tactical Officers Association.

Welcome to the North Carolina Justice Academy website.  We hope you find it useful in providing information regarding the academy and the services we provide.  The Academy's staff trains thousands of criminal justice personnel throughout the state. Numerous state and local agencies make use of the campus facilities, instructional services, and its professional staff for criminal justice training.
The academy operates two campuses located in Salemburg and Edneyville, NC in order to serve the training needs of North Carolina’s criminal justice agencies. Please refer to our maps for driving directions, and the lower portion of the screen for contact information.  Once you arrive on campus, please use these campus maps to find your way around our campuses. We hope you enjoy your training experience at the NC Justice Academy! 
Trevor Allen 

Director, NC Justice Academy

An Internationally Accredited Law Enforcement Training Agency