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New NC Drivers' License & ID Cards in 2015

Are you ready for the launch of the new series of secure driver license and identification card in NC? The DMV will begin issuing the new licenses statewide this summer. A pilot program begins in Raleigh in April. Training for this new program, for over 31,000 sworn law enforcement begins March 24. There are multiple dates at both the Salemburg and Edneyville campus. Participation ensures that you are aware of and familiar with the new license. It's a 2 hour course.

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New Courses

Two new courses will be offered in May: Low Light/Laser Instructor and Patrol Rifle Instructor. Both courses will be taught by TeamONE Network. Click on the link to locate the course(s) you want to take. Also Integrity Leadership will be offered June 30-July 1 and Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) Training Conference will be May 5-6 in Fayetteville.

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Courses Available in Salemburg

Hostage Negotiations for the First Responder (3/25 & 3/26 & 4/14 & 4/16); SWAT Competition (3/31-4/2); Specialized Physical Fitness Training Update (4/1); Advanced SRO - Leadership Roles (Web-blended); Traffic Homicide Case File Preparation (4/14-4/16); Coordinating In-Service Training (4/21); Patrol Rifle instructor (5/4-5/8); Low Light/Laser Instructor (5/11-5/13); Detention FTO (5/18-5/22); At-scene Traffic Crash Investigation (6/1-6/5); Handling Suicide Callers (6/4)

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NCJA's Online Training Portal

NCJA’s Online Training has moved to its new web portal. You will find this site more modern, robust, and easier to use. For complete details on how to register, click on the "more" button. Within 48 hours of registering you should receive an email containing your user name and password from the NCJA system administrator. You will then be able to take any of the available courses.

Welcome to the North Carolina Justice Academy website.  The Academy's staff trains thousands of criminal justice personnel throughout the state. Numerous state and local agencies make use of the campus facilities, instructional services, and its professional staff for criminal justice training.

We have two campuses located in Salemburg and Edneyville, NC to better serve North Carolina Criminal Justice Agencies' training needs. Please refer to our maps for driving directions and the lower portion of the screen for contact information.  Once you arrive on campus, please use these campus maps to find your way around our campuses. We hope you enjoy your stay at the Academy. 

Mark Strickland 
Director, NC Justice Academy

A Nationally Accredited
Law Enforcement Training Agency