North Carolina Justice Academy

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Low Light/Laser Instructor

Please check our "Available Training" page for the most current status of the course. 

Who Should Attend:

More than 60% of officer-involved shootings occur between 6:00 pm and 6:00 am.  This course is designed for Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors to instruct their officers to gain skills and develop an ability to win a confrontation during low light situations.

Course Goal:

This course will explore techniques and drills to train department personnel with hand held and weapon mounted lights and optics and laser sights.  Students must pass a written test, live fire standards drill, and instructor evaluations to successfully complete the course.

Course Objectives:

Topics that will be covered are:
  • Eyesight during low light
  • Night sights, Lasers, and Optics
  • Management of flashlights
  • Tactical use of light
  • Flashlight techniques
  • Firearm mounted lights
  • Back lighting
  • Safety issues


This course employs lecture, demonstration, and practical skills/live-fire training.

Course Requirements:

Attendance is required for all class sessions. Students must pass a written test, all live fire exercises and instructor evaluations in order to successfully complete the course.

Equipment Requirements:

Wrap-around eye protection, ear protection, brimmed hat, vest, flashlight, sidearm, safe holster, three magazines/speed loaders, and a shotgun or rifle.  Streamlight flashlights will be available for selected models of pistols for use at this course.  Please call prior to making arrangements.
Ammunition: 400 pistol rounds, 100 rifle or shotgun rounds


Students must register with both Team One Network and on our  North Carolina Justice Academy Training Portal. After signing in to the portal, you can view ALL available classes. If you don’t have a portal account, instructions for creating one are located here.. Cost for the course is $595 per student. All payment arrangements are to be made with Team One Network.

Team One Network
2740 West Mason Street
PO Box 19042
Green Bay, WI 54307-9042
Telephone: 920/498-6819
Fax: 920/498-6313
Point of Contact: Joe Willis


Course Coordinator:

Floyd Yoder

Length of Course:

3 days - 24 hours