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Position: Narcotics Officer
Location: Oak Island
Salary: 35,639.00
Duties: Investigates criminal cases of drug trafficking; interviews informants, witnesses, and suspects Supervising controlled purchases of illegal drugs made by informants or officers; Labels packages, maintains chain of evidence for court; testifies in court; Conducts covert and operations; conducts surveillance on suspects; Organizes drug raids and searches; maintains reports on all evidence records on informants; maintains equipment and vehicles Conducts initial and follow-up investigations of criminal, drug related and juvenile incidents; interviews persons in connection with all investigated incidents; develops contacts and information sources concerning drug, criminal, and juvenile activities; performs undercover operations and surveillance work as required; identifies, collects and preserves physical evidence; prepares written reports of investigative activities; testifies in court regarding investigative activities. Interviews persons connected with crimes against children; investigates offenses involving youth; counsels delinquent and pre-delinquent youth, including referral to social services agencies; and cooperates with representative of social service agencies in protecting youth from crime. Cooperates with members of other local, State, and Federal law enforcement and investigative agencies related to narcotics investigations. Prepares related paperwork related to case management; prepares documents for district attorney and presentations to court.
Requirements: The Town of Oak Island is hiring for the position of Narcotics Officer.Applicants must be certified as a Law Enforcement Officer.Applicant must be 21 years of age and possess a valid driver's license.A Town of Oak Island application as well as a completed Training and Standards from F-3 is required.Successful completion of a controlled substance screening, medical examination and an extensive background is also required.
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Closing Date: Open until filled
Contact Information: Town of Oak Island
  Debbie Lasek, HR
  4601 East Oak Island Dr.
  Oak Island, NC 28465
  (910) 278-9542