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August 31 - September 4, 2015 Edneyville

Who Should Attend:

Three person teams consisting of (1) the jail administrator, (2) the person in charge of the security staff, and (3) the person in charge of the inmate classification system.

Course Goal:

The fundamental goal of every jail is to maintain a safe and secure environment for inmates, staff, and visitors. Negative inmate behavior, such as assault on staff and other inmates, destruction of property, attempted escape, and refusal to comply with facility rules is the most significant challenge to achieving this goal. National Institute of Correction’s program helps participants effectively address this challenge through implementation of a comprehensive inmate behavior management plan.

Course Objectives:

This program, offered by the National Institute of Corrections, teaches participants the information and skills necessary to develop a formal plan to manage inmate behavior in their respective jails. It presents the six components of the inmate behavior management strategy as follows:

• Assessing the risks and needs each inmate presents (inmate classification).
• Developing an inmate housing plan.
• Meeting basic inmate needs.
• Defining and conveying expectations for inmate behavior.
• Supervising inmates.
• Keeping inmates productively occupied.

For each component, participants are taught why the component is essential to the plan, the elements of the component and the implementation strategies. Participants work within their agency teams to assess where their jail currently stands in relation to each component and what improvements need to be made. Participants also identify the support, training, and other resources necessary to develop and implement an inmate behavior management strategy.


Class will be lecture/discussion based.


You may register for classes at either campus using the NC Justice Academy Training Portal at or you may complete this application form  and send to the appropriate campus. The address/fax number is on the application.




Course Coordinator:

Tim Fuss

Length of Course:

Four days - 32 hours

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