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In-Service Topics Survey

This survey has been extended until September 1, 2014. The Joint In-Service Training Subcommittee and the Sheriff's In-Service Training Committee receives many suggestions for in-service training topics throughout the year. Topic suggestions are greatly appreciated and become a vital part of the topic approval process. Please send the survey link to others North Carolina law enforcement professionals. Thanks for taking time to complete!

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August & September Courses in Edneyville:

ID of Fraudulent Documents, Property & Evidence Room Management, Basic Anti-Terrorism Awareness, FTO Supervisor, Criminal Intelligence & Analysis, Criminal Sexuality, Introduction to Financial Crimes, SWAT Operator II, Verbal Judo, Advanced Traffic Crash Investigations, Inv Crimes in Long-Term Care Facilities, Inv the Sexual Victimization of Children,and Recognizing Insurance Fraud. Register today.

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Rapid Response Workshop

New Course! Rapid Response Workshop is offered August 13-14. This 2 day course is for all officers that may respond to an Active Shooter incident. Topics covered are: Breaching, Ballistic Shields, Weapons with lasers and lights, Self -Medical Aid and Buddy Aid and Low Light Search Tactics. There will be practical skills training!The $100 tuition is 100% donated to C.O.P.S.

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August & September Courses in Salemburg:

Handling Suicide Callers, Developing Speaking Skills, Rapid Response Workshop, Warrantless Searches, Fundamentals of the Investigative Process, Suicide Investigation, A Stakeholder Symposium in Active Shooter Trends, Advanced SRO – Leadership Roles(web-blended), A Stakeholder Symposium in Active Shooter Trends, Specialized Driver Instructor Prequal, Police Law Refresher, SCAT Prequal, RADAR, LIDAR & Time-Distance Instructor Recert, FTO Supervisor and Rapid Deployment Instructor Training.

Welcome to the North Carolina Justice Academy website.  The Academy's staff trains thousands of criminal justice personnel throughout the state. Numerous state and local agencies make use of the campus facilities, instructional services, and its professional staff for criminal justice training.

We have two campuses located in Salemburg and Edneyville, NC to better serve North Carolina Criminal Justice Agencies' training needs. Please refer to our maps for driving directions and the lower portion of the screen for contact information.  Once you arrive on campus, please use these campus maps to find your way around our campuses. We hope you enjoy your stay at the Academy. 

Mark Strickland 
Director, NC Justice Academy

A Nationally Accredited
Law Enforcement Training Agency