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February 2017

Date(s) Course Name
2/6-2/7 Advanced Interviewing: The Concept of Persuasion
2/6-2/8 Community Oriented Policing
2/6-2/10 First Line Supervision
2/6-3/13 Instructor Training Orientation (Web-Based)
2/6-2/8 Rapid Deployment Instructor Training
2/6-2/10 Use of Force Decision Making - Canceled (To be re-scheduled)
2/7-2/8 Child Death Investigation
2/7 Coordinating In-Service Training Course
2/7 NAMI CIT Conference
2/8-2/9 2017 In-Service Law Enforcement Instructor Update
2/8-3/10 Detention Officer Certification Course
2/8 Laws Governing Concealed Handgun and the Use of Deadly Force
2/12-2/17 Telecommunicator Certification Course
2/13-2/16 Criminal Investigation Through Traffic Law Enforcement
2/13-2/17 Field Training Officer
2/13-2/15 Rapid Deployment Instructor Training
2/16 Interrogation Rights
2/16 Officer-Involved Domestic Violence
2/20-2/24 General Criminal Investigations
2/20-2/24 Interview and Interrogation
2/20-2/24 School Resource Officer Training
2/20-3/2 Specialized Explosives and Hazardous Materials Instructor Training
2/20-2/24 Time-Distance Instructor Training
2/27-3/10 Crime Scene Investigation
2/27 Investigating the Sexual Victimization of Children - Added course
2/27-3/10 Police Law Institute
2/27-4/7 School Resource Officer Ethics (Web-Based)
2/27-3/3 SWAT Operator
2/28-3/2 Advanced Field Training Officer
2/28-3/2 Documenting Child Maltreatment:  Introduction to Infrared and Ultraviolet Photography
2/28-3/2 LIDAR Instructor Training