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FBI ViCAP: Hands-on Database Training

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June 7, 2016


Please check our "Available Training" page for the most current status of the course. 


The FBI will be screening and registering students prior to sending them to the Acadis Student Portal as a result of the prerequisites that can only be verified by the FBI. The prerequisites include: All attendees must have a LEEP account, have full access to ViCAP Web, bring a case from their agency to enter into ViCAP Web that meets ViCAP submission criteria, and must be accepted for the training by FBI Crime Analyst Christine DePoyster at (703) 632-4170 or prior to be accepted in the course.  

Who Should Attend:

Homicide investigators, cold case units, sex crimes investigators, missing persons units, and crime analysts.

Course Goal:

To provide hands-on training for those tasked with entering cases into the ViCAP Web system.

Course Objectives:

Demonstrate an understanding of how to navigate the ViCAP Web database such as; creating and retrieving information; entry of case information; basic/advanced searches


Lecture and hands-on database training

Course Requirements:

See prerequisites section above


Please see prerequisites above.
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Course Coordinator:

Ben Baughman

Length of Course:

8 hours

Agency limit: 2