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Documenting Child Maltreatment: Introduction to Infrared and Ultraviolet Photography

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This course has been replace by Full Spectrum Photography Workshop by Fuji Films. Please consider signing up for it.

Who Should Attend:

Law enforcement officers and investigators who are responsible for investigating and photographing child trauma.

Course Goals:

Enhance the ability of investigators to document trauma sometimes observed on the bodies of maltreated children.  Students will learn to capture images with the more sensitive infrared and ultraviolet photography equipment provided by the Academy.

Course Objectives:

  1. Define infrared energy and list three sources of infrared energy which are readily available to investigators.
  2. Define ultraviolet energy and list two sources of available near-UV energy.
  3. Explain why infrared and ultraviolet energy may be useful during the investigation of child maltreatment.
  4. Compare and contrast the Fuji IS Pro Camera to commercially available digital cameras.
  5. Complete all instructor directed assignments while capturing color images which are correctly exposed and focused. 
  6. Explain the exposure triangle and list the parts of the triangle.
  7. Distinguish the manual mode of camera operation from the program and shutter priority modes.
  8. Using the electronic flash, capture properly exposed color images.
  9. State the essential criteria for any photograph to be admissible in court.
  10. Using the medical training doll as a subject, capture images which depict the proper composition, perspective and focus.
  11. Utilizing the Fuji IS Pro Camera, capture and assemble properly focused and exposed infrared images utilizing human subjects and other forensic evidence.
  12. Utilizing the Fuji IS Pro Camera, capture and assemble properly focused and exposed ultraviolet images utilizing a medical training doll prepared by the instructor.
  13. Using images captured during class, demonstrate correct preservation and documentation of digital photographs by presenting 4 images from each assignment in class.
  14. Explain how commercially available photography equipment may be modified to accomplish full spectrum imaging.


This course employs lecture, demonstration and practical exercises.

Course Requirements:

Attendance is required at all class sessions.  In order to satisfactorily complete this course, the student must demonstrate proper photographic technique by assembling a portfolio containing ultraviolet and infrared images using the equipment provided by the academy.  Students must complete a written examination achieving a minimum score of 70%.

Additional Information:
Students may wish to bring laptop computers and flash drives (if available) for the purpose of transferring, presenting or viewing images.


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Course Coordinator/Instructor:

Casson Reynolds

Length of Course:

Three days - 24 hours

CICP Credit