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Direct Supervision

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Who Should Attend:

Housing unit officer and supervisors that are preparing to move from a traditional jail into a new direct supervision jail or currently operating in a direct supervision detention facility. 

Course Goal:

The program is designed by the National Institute of Corrections primarily for agencies preparing to move from a traditional jail into a new direct supervision jail. However, they also can be used to train newly-hired officers or newly-promoted supervisors in direct supervision jails already in operation.

Course Objectives:

• Direct supervision as a strategy to reduce negative inmate behavior and ensure the safety and security of staff, inmates, and visitors
• Elements of the officer’s role in the housing unit
• Role of the first-line supervisor in supporting the officers and direct supervision
• Decision making for housing officers
• The professional, supervisory relationship between the housing officer and the inmates
• Officer-inmate interaction
• The officer as a role model for behavior in the housing unit
• The assumption of rational behavior and its role in managing inmates
• Setting and communicating expectations for inmate behavior
• Orienting inmates to the housing unit
• Promoting positive inmate behavior
• Strategies for success - advice from experienced direct supervision housing officers
• Effect of supervisor’s expectations on officer performance
• Setting expectations for officer performance and the related performance requirements
• Communicating expectations and performance requirements
• Supporting the officer in meeting expectations
• Monitoring and evaluating officer performance
• Supervisor’s role and behavior in the housing unit
• Assessing operations for consistency with direct supervision
• Making decisions in the context of direct supervision
• Advocating for direct supervision



Course Requirements:

Students must develop and present an Implementation Action Plan for their facility.


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Course Coordinator:


Length of Course:

5 days (40 hours)

Agency Limit: 4