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Course Offerings (A-Z)

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Online Courses - Complete list of our online courses and how to register for them.
The list below is our traditional classroom and web-based courses.


Advanced Child Death Investigation
Advanced Field Training Officer
Advanced Interviewing: The Concept of Persuasion
Advanced Traffic Crash Investigation
Aggressive Driving Enforcement (Web-based)
Animal Abuse Investigations: Keeping Your Community Safe
At-Scene Traffic Crash Investigation
Background Investigations
Basic Anti-Terrorism Awareness
Basic Hostage and Crisis Negotiations
Basic Inmate Transport
Basic Narcotics Investigation
BIRDE - Basic Incident Response to Digital Evidence
Budgeting for Police Managers (Web-based)
CDR/EDR Train-the-Trainer
Chemical Munitions Instructor Certification
Chemical Processing and Advanced Photography
Child Death Investigation
Children's Advocacy Centers of NC Spring Training Conference
Communications Evidence Collection Methods (NDCAC)
Community Oriented Policing
Community Policing Before the Crisis
Concealed Carry Handgun - See Laws Governing Concealed Carry Handgun
Coordinating In-Service Training
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
Crime Scene Investigation
Criminal Investigation Thru Traffic Law Enforcement
Criminal Justice Standards Certification Workshop
Criminal Sexuality
Criminal Sexual Paraphilias
Data Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety
D.A.R.E. Instructor Training
Detention Field Training Officer
Detention Officer Certification Course
Developing Speaking Skills
Developing Writing Skills
Documenting Child Maltreatment: Intro to Infrared and Ultraviolent Photography
Domestic Violence: Crimes and Legal Issues
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EXCEL for Collision Investigation
FBI Hostage Negotiations
Field Training Officer
Field Training Officer Supervisor
Firearms for Female Officers
First Line Supervision
First Line Supervision for Detention Supervisors
Fundamentals of Law Enforcement Driving
General Criminal Investigations
General Instructor Training
GLOCK Basic Armorer
GLOCK Instructor Workshop
Handling Suicide Callers
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IALEFI Regional Training Conference
In-Service Detention Instructor Updates
In-Service Law Enforcement Instructor Update
In-Service Post Critical Incident Stress Management 2017
In-Service Telecommunicator Instructor Updates
Instructor Training Orientation (Web-based)
Interrogation Rights
Interview and Interrogation
Introduction to Financial Crimes
Introduction to Traffic Crash Investigation
Investigating the Sexual Victimization of Children
Investigative Discourse Analysis
Juvenile Legal Issues for Law Enforcement
K-9 Legal Issues
Law Enforcement Sniper Course
Laws Governing Concealed Handgun & Use of Deadly Force
Leadership Development for LE Managers
LIDAR Instructor Recertification
LIDAR Instructor Training
Low Light/Laser Instructor
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Management Development Program
NC Association of Property & Evidence Conference
NC Association of School Resource Officers Conference
NC Homicide Investigators Association Conference
NC Juvenile Officer's Association Conference
New Sergeants' Course
Officer-Involved Domestic Violence
Officer Safety/Readiness Training
Patrol Rifle Operator Course
Photography for the Responding Officer: Using the Compact Camera
Police Law Institute
Police Media Relations
Private Protective Services Firearms Instructor
Private Protective Services Firearms Instructor Recertification
Profiling the Crime Scene
Property and Evidence Room Management
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Racial Intelligence Training for Executive Leaders
RADAR Instructor Recertification
RADAR Instructor Training
Rapid Deployment Instructor Training
Recognizing Insurance Fraud
Regional SWAT In-Service Training
Robbery Response Tactics (Web-based)
School Director/Qualified Assistant Orientation
School Resource Officer Ethics (Web-based)
School Resource Officer Training
Sexual Deviance and Related Investigations
Smith & Wesson M&P Pistol Armorer Course
Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Armorer Course
Solo Active Shooter Response Conditioning for LE/SRO
Sovereign Citizens
Specialized Driver Instructor Training
Specialized Driver Instructor Training Prequalification
Specialized Explosives and Hazardous Materials Instructor Training
Specialized Firearms Instructor Training
Specialized Firearms Instructor Training Prequalification
Specialized Physical Fitness Instructor Training
Specialized Physical Fitness Instructor Training Prequalification
Specialized Subject Control/Arrest Techniques Instructor Training
Specialized Subject Control/Arrest Techniques Instructor Training Prequalification
Stalking and Stalking Behaviors
Sub Machine Gun Operator Course
Suicide Investigation
SWAT Competition
SWAT Operator I
SWAT Operator II
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Tactical Leadership: Critical Lessons Learned
TASER Conducted Electrical Weapon Instructor Training
Telecommunicator Certification Course
Teufelshund Tactical MP5/UMP Operator Course
Threat Assessment and the School Rampage Shooter
Threat Assessment and Workplace Violence
Time Distance Instructor Recertification
Time Distance Instructor Training
Traffic Crash Reconstruction 2.0
Traffic Homicide Case File Preparation
Traffic Law Refresher (Web-based)
T.R.R.U.T.H. (Taking Race Relations and Understanding to Heart)
Use of Force Decision Making
Verbal Judo: Tactical Communication for the Criminal Justice Professional
Warrantless Searches
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