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CDR/EDR Analyst Training

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Who Should Attend:

This course offering is for those who have successfully completed a Crash Data Recorder Technicians training program, and have hands-on experience with CDR/EDR downloads.

Course Goal:

This course is an opportunity for qualified and experienced CDR/EDR Technicians to advance their skill level to Analyst. This course provides qualified individuals with both knowledge and skill level expertise for courtroom testimony. 
You must email a pdf of the appropriate Technician level training certificate at least 45 days prior to class start date to

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to;
Analyze any set of EDR data encountered.
Determine if the event recorded is from this crash.
Identify circumstances where EDR data is incomplete or has nothing to do with your crash
Understand Delta-V.
Use EDR Delta-V along with other scene evidence to get closing speed and speed at impact.
Use Delta V from the vehicle with the recorder to determine the Delta V of the other vehicle.
Recognize vehicle operational conditions that would cause EDR speed data to not accurately reflect true vehicle speed.
Determine the effect that equipment modifications have on EDR speed data.


Lecture and hands-on usage of all related technology will be employed during this course. Students should be prepared to conduct field work at multiple locations during the week, in all weather situations.

Course Requirements:

100% attendance is required at all course delivery times and locations. This training will be conducted rain or shine. 
PROPER ATTIRE FOR CLASSROOM IS BUSINESS CASUAL, SLACKS AND COLLARED SHIRT (NO SHORTS, T-SHIRTS, SANDALS, ETC). Jeans will be allowed for field work day. Access to weather related clothing for field work is highly recommended.


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Course Coordinator:

Kris Merithew

Length of Course:

Five days - 40 hours