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Advanced Traffic Crash Investigation - Math Refresher (Web-based) #3218

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Who Should Register:

This course is open to those law enforcement officer who have attended Advanced Traffic Crash Investigation (course #3977).  It will be helpful for those who plan to attend Traffic Crash Reconstruction.

Course Goal:

To provide the participants with the information needed to refresh math skills learned in Advanced Traffic Crash Investigation and those who wish to brush up on their skills prior to attending Traffic Crash Reconstruction.

Course Objectives:

This course will provide a review of the following topics:

* general math
* center of mass
* trigonometric calculations
* falls, flips and vaults
* conservation of linear momentum
* vehicle damage analysis
* speed from yaws


This on-line course employs reading assignments and on-line discussion as well as practical exercise.

Course Requirements:

Students will be required to maintain contact with instructor via e-mail at least once a week.
All practical exercises must be completed by assigned date.

Special Concerns:
Students must have the applicable hardware/software required for NCJA on-line courses.


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Course Coordinator:

Kris Merithew 

Length of Course:

 Twenty hours

TEICP Accredited Course