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Advanced SRO - Leadership Roles (Web-blended)

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Who Should Attend:

Any officer who has successfully completed NCJA School Resource Officer course or equivalent and is assigned or may potentially be assigned as School Resource Officer (SRO).

Course Goal:

To further refine for law enforcement officers important characteristics of the special nature and responsibilities of the position of School Resource Officer (SRO).

Course Objectives:

The student will be able to:

  •  Review articles related to SROs and write essays on assigned topics from those articles.
  •  Discuss effective methods in Crisis and Suicide Intervention and identify the steps necessary within "The Negotiation Process."
  •  Identify the primary elements of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and describe the primary functionality for EI in the SRO leadership role.
  •  Define leadership, identify leadership characteristics and provide benefits of coaching as it relates to the leadership role of an SRO.
  •  Identify elements of common bomb making materials accessible and available to students using the Homeland Security Bomb-Making Materials Awareness Program (BMAP).
  •  Identify resources and tools that can be used to conduct threat assessments.
  •  Conduct a threat assessment of their assigned school and present the assessment to the class.


This course will employ web based learning, as well as on-site lecture. This course is comprised of prerequisite on-line requirements, traditional classroom delivery, and practical exercises. This training can be partially completed on-line, however 24 hours of time associated with required classroom portion requires the SRO to be physically on-site in the classroom.

Course Requirements:

Participants must be familiar with on-line course delivery and comfortable with email, Internet usage and word processing software. Students must be able to successfully complete all written, practical exercises and instructor evaluations with a 75%.


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Course Coordinator:

Scott Grantham

Length of Course:

 40 hours
 LIMIT of 4 per department