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11/29/16 Salemburg

Who Should Attend:

Officers wanting to gain detailed information involved in the use of all types and forms of Oleoresin Capsicum aerosol projectors and return to their agency and conduct in-service training.

Course Goal:

This 8-hour course covers all aspects involved in the selection, preparation, deployment, storage, and legal ramifications regarding the use of all OC products. The student will also acquire specific information in Defense Technology® OC products, including all formulations, blends and spray patterns, along with the skills necessary to return to their agency and conduct in-service training.

Course Objectives:

  • OC Aerosol Formulations/carriers/propellants/delivery systems/projectors
  • Effectiveness/safety/liability factors/policy and procedures
  • Decontamination/first aid Officer-survival techniques
  • Instructor development to establish in-house/in-service training and documentation skills


This course employs lecture, discussion, demonstrations and practical exercises.

Course Fee:


If you plan to take all four courses, the cost is $895.00.
The four courses are:
  • OC Aerosol Projectors Instructor Program
  • Less Lethal Impact Munitions Instructor Program
  • Chemical Munitions Instructor Program (CN/CS/OC/Smoke)
  • Distraction Device Munitions Instructor Program
For more information: Less-Lethal Instructor Program 4 day Course.


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Course Coordinator:

Floyd Yoder

Length of Course:

8 hours