North Carolina Justice Academy

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Advanced Interviewing and Interrogation

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Who Should Attend:

Investigators, deputies and public safety officers tasked with the responsibility of conducting an interview or interrogation.

Course Goal:

To provide the knowledge and skills necessary to thoroughly and successfully plan.

Course Objectives:

As a result of the training received, participants will be able to complete the following:
  • Identify the three most salient elements most conducive to compliance gaining within the conduct of the interview.
  • Develop and present an appropriate interview compliance - gaining strategy.
  • Conduct a critique of an interview identifying the positive and negative dynamics of the interview.
  • Provide an alternative compliance - gaining approach to an interview if the first strategy was unsuccessful.


This course will employ lecture, conference and practical exercises.

Course Requirements:

  • Students must have previously completed an Interview and Interrogation Course.
  • Attendance at all class sessions is required. 
  • Class will begin at 8:00 am each day unless otherwise directed by the instructor.  


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Course Coordinator:


Length of Course:

16 hours

CICP Credit