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CTS Chemical Munitions Instructor Certification

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Brief Description:

Impact Munitions Instructor Certification Course

Full Description:

These courses are taught by staff from Combined Tactical Systems and is part of a 4-day instructor certification program. Applicants may elect to attend the complete 4-day program at a cost of $695.00, or attend the individual course(s) of their choice.  The individual courses are:
             Less Lethal Impact Munitions Instructor Certification - $220.00 - September 6
             Chemical Munitions Instructor Certification – $250.00 - September 7
             Flash Bang Instructor Certification - $250.00 - September 5
             OC Aerosol Instructor Certification - $100.00 - September 8
Courses include both classroom and range exercises focusing on the history, nomenclature, applications, use of force consideration, training and legalities of less lethal munitions, as well as integrating less lethal munitions into current departmental methods.

Resources Required:

All students attending these courses will be required to have a notebook, pen and pencil, as well as safety equipment such as Nomex type gloves, earplugs and glasses. It is recommended that attending officers wear either tactical B.D.U.'s or casual dress clothing and bring their departmental issued 12 gauge less-lethal deployment systems. 
For flashbangs, you cannot order destructive devices/NFDD/LSDD from any manufacturer unless you have a current training certification; the ATF requires an active certification for purchasing dest.

Reporting Instructions:

Class time will be from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm each day and a mandatory test will be given at the end of each topic covered. Upon successful completion of each course, officers attending will be certified to instruct within their agencies.

Signup Details:

Applicants must register with Combined Tactical Systems:
Any cancellations must be made in writing to CTS 30 days prior to the class start date.
Payment must be made to Combined Tactical Systems.
Please contact Ward Stanley for any questions (954) 448-0911 or


Applicants must register with Combined Tactical Systems:



Course Coordinator:

Jesse Kittrell

Length of Each Course:

One day - 8 hours